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At Green Lagoon, we believe in the integration of anaerobic reactor and biogas utilization systems to turn wastewater into quantifiable income streams for all stakeholders. Green Lagoon Technology Sdn Bhd was formed in May 2010 with the original intention of filling the vacuum for a local project developer in the Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) industry. The team at Green Lagoon has accumulated the relevant experience over the years in developing CDM projects, and saw the opportunity to develop our own biogas harvesting system (In-ground UASB Reactor) and carbon reduction data monitoring technology (Carbon Cloud).

Green Lagoon is in the position to be a One-stop Solution Centre for biogas harvesting, biogas storage, biogas treatment, biogas utilization and carbon reduction monitoring for palm oil mills to optimize their wastes to generate quantifiable income streams, while lowering their carbon footprint. Green Lagoon’s strength is in its believe in the local technology and local expertise to develop renewable energy projects. Green Lagoon continues to bring innovations into its system to provide better products and services to the palm oil mills and other wastewater treatment facilities in the country.


Green Lagoon focused on the development of renewable generation facilities with innovative reverse engineering and simple operation that convert waste into energy to create long term economic and environmental sustainability

In-ground Bio Reactor System with Biogas Storage

Anaerobic Tank System with In-ground Biogas Storage

Biogas Delivery and Treatment System

Cloud Monitoring and Reporting System


Green Lagoon takes social, environmental and economic considerations into its engineering design services by conducting life-cycle analysis, prioritizing the most important problems and matching the technologies and operations to address them. The intention is to minimize environmental impacts across the entire lifecycle while simultaneously maximizing the benefits to social and economic stakeholders.

The team at Green Lagoon is able to provide project implementation services as well as post-construction services and traning to achieve optimum performance for the biogas power plant.

Project Development

Site assessment and feasibility study

System design and engineering

Power system study & SEDA FiT application

Permit and licensing

Procurement and tendering

Project Implementation

Project management

Testing and commissioning

Operation and maintenance management

Performance monitoring and optimisation

We work closely with you for feasibility studies and to understand your project needs.

our projects

Real-time measurement of Green Energy produced by Green Lagoon Technology’s FiT (Feed-in-Tariff) Projects.

Real-time measurement of CO2 reduced by Green Lagoon Technology’s FiT (Feed-in-Tariff) Projects

*based on Grid Emission Factor of 0.741 tCO2 / MWh


Green Lagoon continues to develop a portfolio of diversified renewable projects and warmly invites investment and strategic partnerships to accelerate the adoption of environmentally-sustainable biogas power technologies. We welcome any interested parties to jointly develop or invest into the following pipeline of renewable energy projects.

Location: Kulim, Kedah
Project Type: 1MW for SEDA FiT (POME Biogas)
Status: Power System Study (PSS) and Renewable Energy Power Purchase Agreement (REPPA) obtained
Completion date: July 2018

Location: Sg Siput, Perak
Project Type: 1MW for SEDA FiT (POME Biogas)
Status: Power System Study (PSS) and Renewable Energy Power Purchase Agreement (REPPA) obtained
Completion date: July 2019

Location: Coming soon
Project Type: Coming soon
Status: Coming soon
Completion date: Coming soon

Location: Coming soon
Project Type: Coming soon
Status: Coming soon
Completion date: Coming soon


In June 2016, Green Lagoon became the first ever green energy-based company in Southeast Asia to source for funds from an crowdfunding platform. The exercise to raise RM800,000.00 was successfully completed within 13 days of the launch, whereby the subscribers were given the opportunity to take up an equivalent of 6.52% of the Company.

At the close of the fundraising exercise, 24 investors were added into the Company shareholders’ list, and we would like take this opportunity to express our deepest gratitude for the support given to us. Some of these investors are people familiar with us and our industry, but there were also many who are new to us.

So, we welcome all of you to the GLT Company.

This page is specially set up for you to view the progress of the Company. We invite our investors to download the latest Financial Report in the link below to see how your investments are coming along. As our Company continues to grow, we will strive to bring you updates and latest information via this platform. Please feel free to send in your comments and queries, and we will do our best to revert soonest possible.

(Available only to Green Lagoon investors and partners – Kindly obtain password from Green Lagoon office)


Do you have something to tell us? Drop a message to one of our Consultants, we are sure to get back to you shortly

Green Lagoon Technology Sdn Bhd
H-3A-01, Pusat Perdagangan Bandar Bukit Jalil, Persiaran Jalil 1, 57000 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

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Chan Sow Keong
+6012 388 7929

Raymond Cheah
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Angel Wong
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Human Capital Development


Green Lagoon is constantly on the search for talented employees at all levels, who is vital to the growth of the company. Strong performers are given opportunities to lead major projects, receive executive coaching and mentored by top management personally.