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Green Lagoon is focused on the development of renewable energy power generation facilities with innovative reverse engineering and simple operations that convert waste into energy to create long term economic and environmental sustainability.

Biogas Reactor System with Biogas Storage

Green Lagoon’s In-ground Biogas Reactor for any of its projects is designed with more than 30-day hydraulic retention time, to provide longer wastewater retention time resulting in a higher degree of digester stabilization. This allows for the full and complete digestion of the organic matter inherent in the palm oil mill effluent (POME) during normal operations, and will not overload the system during peak flow or in the event of shock loading, making the system more robust compared to other anaerobic digester systems.

Evenly spread hydraulic mixers for optimum load distribution

Suspended digestion without sludge removal in the reactor

High biogas yield with COD removal efficiency > 90%

Long hydraulic retention results in higher degree of stabilization

Low methane emission with integrated biogas storage during operation

Low energy requirement and maintenance cost

In-ground Biogas Storage System

Cater for biogas plant that employs Anaerobic Reactor Tank System, Green Lagoon’s In-ground Biogas Storage System minimizes the safety risk of high pressure biogas storage at Reactor Tank, while reducing release of biogas during down time of biogas engine. It also provides sufficient biogas buffer storage for smooth biogas engine start-up that Reactor Tank lack of.

Low-Pressure biogas storage

Reliable pressure relief

Visual observation

Maximize biogas capture

Customization for smooth operation

Automated Pressure Control

Biogas Delivery and Treatment System

Filling the gaps between biogas plant’s Reactor-Treatment-Utilization, Green Lagoon has developed Skid-mounted Biogas Delivery and Treatment System, which serves as bridge between reactor-treatment and treatment-utilization process to complete the whole integration of biogas power plant.

Skid-mounted Biogas Delivery System to Scrubber

Skid-mounted Biogas Drying system before biogas utilization

Automated biogas feeding and delivery

Complete with biogas measurement instrumentation

Quick installation and modular expansion possibility

Cloud Monitoring and Reporting System

Carbon Cloud is a cloud-based monitoring and reporting enables manager and management team to monitor the performance of more than one biogas plant in prompt and effortless mode. While the SCADA application at biogas plant is running at site, the operation data are collected and delivered through cloud network to a main server.

Cloud-based monitoring and reporting system

Automatic analysis of biogas plant's performance and carbon reduction

View operation data and performance at anytime, anywhere, any device

Database and performance analysis backup

Can be integrated into existing SCADA